Tatyana Orlova

T.†D.†Orlova was born on†February†17, 1986, in†Krasnogorsk of†the Moscow Region.

In†2007 she graduated with honours from the Financial Academy under the Government of†the Russian Federation with the specialization in†World Economy.

From†15.01.2007 she worked in†the executive positions in†Vozrozhdenie Bank (OJSC).

From†01.06.2015 to†26.11.2015 she was the Member of†the Board of†Directors of†Vozrozhdenie Bank (OJSC).

From†19.10.2016 to†29.11.2019 she worked in†Transkapitalbank (TKB) on†the positions of†the Advisor of†the Chairperson of†the Management Board, Director of†the Department for Non-Core and Troubled Assets, Deputy Chairperson of†the Management Board.

From†29.06.2018 to†24.09.2020 she was the Member of†the Board of†Directors of†Transkapitalbank (TKB).