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Mission and Values

Our mission is to promote business development and the prosperity of our customers and shareholders, to improve constantly, and to strive for the best results using a professional management team.

Our goal is to ensure ongoing development of the Bank as an investment and corporate institution offering high-quality banking services to corporate and private customers.

IFC Bank bases its every-day activities on such values as:


  • The Bank strives to address financial challenges set by its customers and shareholders promptly and flexibly, and is ready to quickly adapt to the changing market environment.


  • The Bank has set up a professional team of specialists who have experience working with companies in various industries;

  • IFC Bank's top managers are a team of highly qualified professionals able to make strategic decisions and assume responsibility for their implementation;

  • The Bank is a dynamic organization providing its employees with great opportunities for professional growth and development.

Exclusive approach, a club atmosphere

  • IFC Bank is distinguished by its focus on the specific and individual needs of each customer;

  • Banking with IFC Bank is comparable to a membership in an exclusive private club. The Bank works with VIP customers providing them with first-class service, while striving to find points of mutual interest;

  • IFC Bank brings its shareholders together. Russia's leading business people are provided with a forum for sharing experience and information about current market trends for successful business development.


  • IFC Bank is committed to developing a partnership with its clients, providing a balanced approach to their business needs and offering efficient strategic models for financial development.

  • Partnership involves initiating an ongoing dialog and exchange of views about business development.


  • The Bank takes responsibility for the efficiency and safety of its suggested financial instruments, and the accrual of funds entrusted to it by its customers.

Honesty and Transparency

  • IFC Bank builds relations with its customers on principles of transparency providing prompt information on the results of its operations and plans for further development;

  • IFC Bank is open in its relations with shareholders, providing them with timely information on developments and prospects of the Bank.