IFC-Bank has started issuance and acquiring of MasterCard international payment system cards

24 January

OJSC JSCB “International financial club” (IFC) has started issuance and acquiring of the following MasterCard international payment system cards: Maestro®, MasterCard Standard®, Gold MasterCard®, Platinum MasterCard®, as well as the super premium card World Signia MasterCard®. Such a wide range of bank cards meets the various interests and requirements of the Bank’s clients who enjoy the cards under MasterCard logo being a useful and efficient financial instrument.

Olesya Firsik, Deputy Chairperson of the Bank’s Board of Directors, remarked: “We keep up with the most efficient policies concerning issuance of new card products and we are constantly increasing the range of advantages for our clients. We consider cooperation with MasterCard international payment system as an important instrument for attraction of new clients.”

The multicurrency card under the trade name World Signia Master Card which has an overdraft limit and an interest-free crediting period is an exclusive offer in the range of MasterCard international payment cards. Holders of this card get access to the widest range of privileges and additional services for example the round-the-clock support provided by the World Signia Assistance Center, access to airports VIP lounges, top-class insurance services, participation in different discount and bonus programs of the best shops, restaurants, hotels, medical institutions etc.

“We are glad that IFC-Bank has chosen us to provide concierge and insurance services for the whole range of its premium MasterCard products. I think it is a sign of acknowledgement of the high level of our services which we render to our clients in Russia” — said Alexey Reshetilov, the Sales Director of MasterCard products in Russia.