Annual General Meeting of the IFC-Bank Shareholders on the results of 2010 was held on June 23, 2011

29 June

Annual General Meeting of the IFC Bank Shareholders on the results of 2010 was held on June 23, 2011. The meeting approved the Bank’s annual report for 2010 and annual financial statements, elected a new Board of Directors consisting 10 people. On recommendation of Mikhail Prokhorov, Chairperson of the IFC Executive Board, Oksana Lifar, was incorporated into the Bank’s Board of Directors. A. V. Popov was removed from the Board of Directors.

Thus, the Board of Directors was elected as follows:
1) Alexander G. Abramov;
2) Viktor F. Vekselberg;
3) Ekaterina Ignatova;
4) Anna Kolonchina;
5) Sergey V. Kuzmin;
6) Oksana Lifar
7) Alexander I. Mosionzhik;
8) Mikhail D. Prokhorov
9) Dmitry E. Slobodnik;
10) Sergey V. Chemezov.

All shareholders of IFC Bank, previously serving on the Bank’s Board of Directors, were reelected to the new IFC Board of Directors, thus reaffirming their interest in the development of this project. Currently, IFC Bank’s shareholders are Mikhail Prokhorov (27.7%), Alexander Abramov (19.71%), Victor Vekselberg (19.71%), Suleyman Kerimov (19.71%) and Yekaterina Ignatova (13.14%).

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders decided not to pay members of the OJSC JSCB International Financial Club Board of Directors and members of the Audit Commission remuneration and compensation for 2010. The meeting also decided not to pay out dividends for the Bank’s operations in 2010.
The meeting approved CJSC PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit Auditing Company as auditor of OJSC JSCB International Financial Club.